Lyrics for Are On the Other Side

It’s Alright

I got nothin goin on
You got nothin goin on
I need something to do
We need something to do

You should know by now that man in the bugatti
he’s a member of the club Illuminati
They Do lots of weird shit
fuck each others brothers
underneath the safe guard
of each others covers

I, oh I, I don’t care
yeah yeah
It’s Alright, alright
yeah yeah yeah, oh

I’m not makin’ any sense?
You’re not makin’ any sense
I don’t really have to
cause I’m so bored
I’m just gettin’ started at
and straight up ignored here
If you wanna be a slave to technology
Do whatever that you like
do whatever baby


Wave to mom right across the ocean
things are blowin way out of proportion
slap me in the face
and you kick me with your heels
underneath my legs
do you know how that feels

I don’t wanna go,
I don’t wanna go home
I don’t wanna leave, I don’t wanna leve
New York City

I gotta be here rather than there
Cause of the smell out there in the air
we got it all good
The way that it should
We’re standin on the top
Like I said that I would

Can I sleep with you
Will you sleep with me
I’m not tired
Are you tired of me